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Vermont Brews: Local Favs from Steeple Market

buy frost near me vermont localWe know Vermont for all things cheese and maple syrup, but if you didn’t know, Vermont is also the craft beer capital of the U.S, with 11.5 breweries for every 100,000 people! A little late to the craft beer party? No worries! We carry a ton here in the store. Let’s get you caught up to speed on some of our favorites!

Frost Beer Works

Local to Hinesburg, this is your go to if you love a heavy IPA. With classic year round options and fun seasonal choices, there’s no doubt you’ll find something you love. Frost also has a research series, completely different from anything on the traditional menu. Drinks from this series really push the boundaries of what traditional beer is.

Foam Brewers

Out of Burlington and Hinesburg, Foam is an amazing brewery that looks to connect with their community. The owner describes their experience as “Foam. It’s always been an unconscious calling like drifting into a cumulus cloud bank on a sun drenched day, or collapsing in a frothy curl of a breaking wave. Foam; it’s natural beauty that rises up and is here and gone in a moment in time.” Tell me that doesn’t make you want to try it! Their menu includes a little bit of everything from hoppy, to tarts to saisons. Fun fact: Local artists design the unique labels for their cans! How cool?

citizen cider near me Citizen Cider

Maybe craft beer isn’t your jam, no biggie. Cider can be a more mild option to get you into the craft scene. Also out of Burlington, Citizen Cider started from three friends, a wine salesman, a chemist and a farmer, but has grown into something that’s turning nationwide! Their first cider, Unified Press, is a classic dry cider that remains one of their most popular options today! Their menu is home to many ciders, using unique flavors that sets them apart from other breweries. Including basil, ginger and their unique take on rosé! Their menu is extensive and diverse, but they’ve mastered each one!

Now that I’ve brought you on a mini brew tour, the next step is sampling! Our brew cave is full of these options, but countless more! Host a beer tasting event with some friends or family, and impress them with all of your VT craft beer knowledge! Safe drinking!