Get Easter Inspired

Easter is coming early this year (we know it’s hard to believe considering the weather) but it’s still March! So for the love of all things Spring and Easter we want to help you get Easter Inspiration to make this Easter the best yet!

Easter VTLet’s start with breakfast. If you have children, this may consist of sneaking Easter candy out of baskets when you think no one is watching. We see you. But when you want a little more substance in your morning, try this easy Egg and Hash Brown Pie, just whip some eggs, milk, frozen hash brown potatoes, bacon (or sausage… or both, definitely both), cheese, and green onions together then bake!

Now on to apps. Are you planning to peel all those decorated hard-boiled Easter eggs to make some deviled eggs? That’s nice. Want to spice things up a little? Add some jalapenos, wasabi, or sriracha to the mix. More of a cool-things-down kind of person? Avocados, ranch, and bacon will do that trick. There are more ideas here!

Easter Meal Vermont Ham DealAre we to Easter meal yet? Obviously, we’re talking about Ham. Right now at Steeple Market:

  • Triple M. Budaball Hams (Bone-In) = only $2.99/lb
  • Alexander Hornung Hams (1/2 Bone-In) = only $.99/lb

There are many ways to cook Easter ham, roasted, baked, honey glazed, maple glazed, slow cooker, decorated with pineapples, cooked in beer, cooked in cola, the list could go on and on. But it all starts with a quality ham from Steeple Market.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter from our family to yours!