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Add a Festive Twist to Your Oreo Cookies

ornament oreo cookies

Oreos are, as we know, Milk’s Favorite Cookie, but are they the best cookie for the holiday season? If you decide to just eat them in their classic form or add a fun little twist, we thought we’d give you some inspiration to add a bit of jazz to your cookies this year. Stop by Steeple Market to browse our selection of holiday candies, cookies, and everything in between!

Christmas Oreo Ornaments

Christmas Trees are the true image of the season and adding decorations is the most fun part. With just a bag of Candy Melts, some sprinkles, and mini peanut butter cups, you’ll be on your way to the sweetest decorations around! The fun of this option is that you can get as creative as you want, adding any extra detail you want to make them look just the way you imagined. Do you think you can make Oreos look like the perfect ornament?

Reindeer Oreo Cookies

reindeer cookiesWho is pulling Santa’s Sleigh this year? To make Dasher and Dancer you can use many of the same items as your Oreo Ornaments needed. With some Candy Melts or Melted Chocolate, M&M’s, mini marshmallows, and a bag of pretzels you’re halfway there. The real key is the pretzels. Just snap them in half, stock them in, and boom, you’ve got a festive friend.

Strawberry Santa Hats

Want to add a bit of fresh fruit to the mix? This fun twist on chocolate-covered strawberries lets you have the two basic ingredients, but with a festive splash of fun. All you need to do is slice the tops off a batch of strawberries and add a bit of whipped cream. These simple snacks will have you on your way to your fitness goals in no time. (Maybe not, but we can pretend!)

Cozy Penguin Cookies

cookie holiday ideasDon’t these guys look like a cute group of carolers? While we may be getting into trickier territory with this one, it was just too fun to ignore. Our suggestion is to use this fun photo as inspiration and she just do what you think is best. Try using Twizzlers as earmuffs, Mentos on the belly, and Life Savers on the ears. Not quite right? Maybe you’ll think of the perfect way to put your creative spin on this treat.

Get Creative!

The most fun part of decorating any cookie is getting creative with what you use and how you make them. After you make a few, you might discover a new fun idea to add an extra dash of personality to your Reindeer or Penguin. We’d love to know how you use your favorite candies to make fun festive creations. Stop by Steeple Market for all the things you need this season!