Cheeseburger Day Extravaganza







National Cheeseburger Day is September 18th! (That’s Friday!)

Bet you forgot all about it and are really glad we reminded you. Just like we’re reminding you about that birthday/anniversary/family/friend/work event-thing that’s coming up. Your welcome again!

Anyway, in celebration of National Cheeseburger Day, we have put together 3 very special burger specials! Don’t worry, fries are still very welcome and of course included with these burgers.

  1. Spicy Mexicana Burger: Cajun seasoning, red pepper flakes, cheddar cheese, guacamole and salsa.
  2. For the Hungry, Pig Burger: Chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, herb mayo and guacamole.
  3. Savory Mushroom & Horseradish Burger: need we say more?

So make sure to stop by and celebrate this delicious holiday with delicious burgers to match. At Steeple Market!